50 MSW WTE – capex c $500mio

NEWCO is working with its local partner for the supply of a 1200 tpd twin waste to energy facilities in the Harare’s land fill of Pomona and in the second city, Bulawayo. The technology choice is pyrolysis, a new but reliable and commercial proven technology available today at this scale. NEWCO together with its EPC and technology partners are able to provide a turnkey facility. NEWCO (through an affiliate) has partaken to the local land fill RFP back in the end of 2016 and shortlisted as one of the three, and has recently resubmitted a private proposal to the Office of the new President following the suspension of the RFP during 2016 for political interferences under the old administration. The new proposal is based on an innovative waste and energy park similar to the one in Bahamas and with the same technical team, for a capex in the region of $500 million (Harare& Bulawayo combined).