160MW PV Plant- capex c 7 million

Advanced Plasma Power®

NEWCo has a long- standing familiarity with this high-tech waste to energy company, via its association as part of the Bahamas WtoE project. The Company is available for private sale, and there is a unique opportunity to expand their operations worldwide.


NEWCO has been introduced to a patented, unique, disruptive Hydrigen transportation technology. The market for this technology is considerable with Anglo Platinum having invested over $100mio in an inferior process recently.

Giant Renewables

NEWCO has been introduced to a patented, disruptive UK-based waste-to-gas technology, already rolled out in a first UK project, and successfully proven in several applications in the UK. The technology is available for purchase in joint venture and NEWCO has been in discussion with the technology owners.

NEWCO has the opportunity to invest, or procure, exclusive rights to this technology which offers a more stable and greatly reduced cost of transportation (x10) than current alternatives.