Energy Consulting and Financing

It’s a complex world and very rarely do you find businesses that can solve all their own problems or find all the capital and investment they need from internal sources.

Stellar Energy has an extensive pool of expertise in assisting with development and finding the necessary investment to help businesses to grow.

Using its team of qualified business consultants across the world, from Bogota to Dubai, Stellar Energy can quickly assimilate the fundamentals of your business and help identify risks and ways to mitigate them. Our specialists can also model your business to highlight those factors that have the most impact, both positively and negatively and show how to manage those factors to your advantage.

Through our investment banking partners FAB Capital Markets, we can also shape businesses for inward investment and growth.

Stellar Energy has a particular focus on providing consulting services and bringing investment for development to these sectors:

  • Waste to Energy
  • Mining-  Coal, Gold and Iron Ore
  • Renewable Energy
  • Oil refining and Gas liquefaction
  • Port Facilities
  • Transportation (related to export of commodities)

Stellar Energy has excellent relations with many government agencies in EMEA and BRIC countries. This helps us maintain an overview that brings a useful dimension when advising clients. It also means that we can assist you in developing a friendly and long-term relationship with the relevant governmental agencies with the objective of obtaining profitable contracts in these areas. Many governments give priority to projects that involve joint partnerships involving the development of plants and infrastructure, and major opportunities are available involving access to credit facilities and subsidies, and a long-term preferential relationship. We assist clients to access these subsidies and opportunities.

As for investment, Stellar Energy has access to both short term funds for trade-finance, and long term capital which can be invested against equity or on a loan basis with appropriate security. We can also introduce clients into grant schemes and development aid in special cases where clients and their projects qualify.

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