Stellar Energy

Stellar Energy Ltd. is breaking new ground in the field of renewable technology project development. Our strength lies in our ability to understand project economics, even in the most challenging geographies. The World is rapidly urbanising and between 2012 and 2040, 70% of 6.5billion people will live in urban areas. Electricity consumption is set to increase from 549 quadrillion BTU to 815 quadrillion BTU, a 40% increase, 90% of this growth will occur outside the OECD. The biggest challenge is to establish renewable technologies that encompasses waste to energy and fuels as a recognised, significant case load energy integrator.

“Stellar Energy Ltd., aims at creating an international Waste to Energy and Renewable Portfolio. Meeting the Energy requirements and the fundamental challenge it brings with each project before each Country. We at Stellar Energy have currently eight on-going projects worldwide in the Waste to Energy, Renewable Energy and Construction. We can be proud of our achievements and our leading role in this development.”

We at Stellar are able to offer clients a complete package including master financing and EPC wrap through strong, proven partnership with some of the world’s eminent organisations.  We aim to be the partner of choice for renewable energy projects, working with service providers, governments and enterprises at local level, helping them create, build and maintain the most innovative, reliable and cost-effective power solutions whilst meeting their growing needs for waste treatment, through the rapid deployment of localised facilities.